The Legend of Pinky #1 – PRINT


“One of the most fascinating comics currently available.” – Comics Grinder

“Verdict: BUY. The Legend of Pinky is wonderfully drawn character study and time capsule to a unique era in New York City’s organized crime.”  -The Beat

“There is a striking balance between grittiness and simplicity that fits the nostalgic feel we attribute to stories of yesterday.” -Fanbase Press

“The Legend of Pinky is intricately crafted, multi-faceted and affords its characters surprising depth and narrative autonomy.” -Super Serious Comics





Limited Print Edition – 48 pages, signed by Craig Johnson II.

Set in the Fall of 1928, The Legend of Pinky a humorous crime yarn written and illustrated by Craig Johnson II, takes us on a ride through the raucous nightlife, gangland brutality and racial tension of Jazz Age New York City through the eyes of freewheeling, hard partying young mob gunman Irving “Pinky” Horwitz. A product of the Lower East Side’s Jewish ghetto with a crooked sneer, sharp wit and vicious streak, Pinky finds a second home in the booming black cultural mecca of Harlem, where, he makes nightly journeys for the music, good times and brown-skinned women. It is there he encounters rising black crime figure “Mad” Charlie Gaines, whose slick, level headed demeanor hides something else entirely. The two loose acquaintances will soon find their fates and criminal careers entwined by chance, and the once aimless Pinky Horwitz will be set to blast his way to front page news and gangster legend.